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    Run Your Car With Water - Hydrogen Conversion Kits


    by James

    495 views Learn how you can convert your car into a Hydrogen Hybrid for less than $100 and SAVE BIG $$$ ON FUEL costs, while cutting emissions almost by HALF. Water fuel conversion plans show you how to build and install your own Hydrogen Generator system, producing Hydrogen On-Demand, as you need it. This technology has proven to improve gas mileage as much as 150% on both gasoline and diesel engine vehicles. HHO Technology uses electrolysis to seperate the hydrogen and oxygen in water. This hydroxy gas is then redirected into your vehicle's air intake system, improving combustion power and efficiency. Hydrogen conversion kits are fun, easy and cheap to build. Hydrogen is used in combination with gasoline to effectively make your vehicle a water powered hybrid car, significantly increasing your car or truck MPG.