Bruno drops in on Eminem at MTV Awards

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Nice Videos? man, never stop please :) btw anyone wannt to chat?? ;))
By ranisahiba 5 years ago
lol i love your vids anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? ?!..!....
By loveelybabi512 5 years ago
In this new video "Bruno" speaks about the "Eminem incident":
By Pincho_Jarl 6 years ago
aptalca.. eminem klasındaki birine yapılmamalıydı..

it is foolish.. eminem is big star this is to abase..
By REBELLIOUS SOUL 6 years ago
yeah so all of you that have yahoo should check it out it was all stage eminem knew about all of it thats why he didnt MOVE hahaha they fooled all of us they probably just wanted to make money off all of us commenting on their web sites oh well it def fooled me I thought it was really but according to mtv it was stage and eminem knew about!!!!!
By homedogg123 6 years ago
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