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    31 views – 7 Secrets of Detoxification… free email course about weight loss, colon cleansing, and detoxification. Follow link above.

    When people think about cleansing or detoxification programs, they often fear hunger pains.

    The truth is, most people don’t feel hungry at all after the first day on the Ultimate Detox, but if your blood sugar levels are such that you NEED to have something, our detox specialist will adjust your program, often to include juice.

    “But won’t that reverse the effects of the detox?”

    No, no… here’s how it works. Juice is just the liquid essence of plants, and it’s extremely easy for the body to digest. Usually, within 15-25 minutes, fresh juice is completely absorbed, meaning that your body no longer has to do any work at all.

    And during your cleanse, this is the most important thing. We want to give your body a break so it has time to self clean! “What about those 15-25 minutes?”


    Ok, you’re right! For 15 minutes or so, you will put the detox process on hold, but it’s not a big deal! Remember, the whole point of cleansing is to feel good, not become obsessed…
    … so don’t worry about!

    At Absolute Sanctuary, we always recommend juice fasting with fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables. The fresher the juice, the more nutrients it has (which ARE good for detox).

    Our juice list often includes:
    - pineapple ginger
    - watermelon mint
    - apple & parsley
    - carrot & orange

    As they say, “There’s more than one way to climb a mountain,” and with cleansing, we try to help everyone find the path that best suits them!