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    60 Minuates Credit Default Swap

    Nick Furry

    by Nick Furry

    October 26, 2008

    Steve Kroft examines credit default swaps.

    Title: To reauthorize and amend the Commodity Exchange Act to promote legal certainty, enhance competition, and reduce systemic risk in markets for futures and over-the-counter derivatives, and for other purposes.

    Sponsor: Rep Ewing, Thomas W. [IL-15] (introduced 12/14/2000)

    Cosponsors (4) Related Bills: H.R.4577, S.3283
    Latest Major Action: 12/14/2000 House committee/subcommittee actions. Status: Referred to the Subcommittee on Finance & Hazardous Materials for a period to be subsequently determined by the Chairman..
    Note: H.R. 5660 was incorporated by reference in the conference report to H.R. 4577. H.R. 4577, the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2001, became Public Law 106-554 on 12/21/2000.

    Not voted on by Senate, just passed by voice vote. Sign into law by Former Preisdent Bill Clinton