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    "Start Me Up"


    by 4rollingstones

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    This is most definitely NOT the best Rolling Stones' tribute band. The singer neither looks nor sings like Mick Jagger. And the band doesn't have near the same chops--and how could they?.

    Actually, I saw a much better Stones tribute band in the 1980s called The Blushing Brides. I don't know if they are still performing. But they were closer to the real deal. I only went to one of their shows out of curiosity. Having seen them once was enough.

    On principle, I am not a fan of tribute bands. It is certainly fine for a band to cover songs of another band or singer. The Stones themselves still do so, and did so especially at the beginning of their careers (before Jagger & Keith Richards had written many originals), but a mix of different rhythm blues and rock & roll covers, not all songs by the same band or singer. To play nothing but the covers of one band or singer exclusively is pointless--may as well go hear & see the genuine article.
    By Jimprobable3 years ago