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"We're not saying it's definitively the best song yet produced about calling shotgun... we just haven't heard any others that are nearly as awesome."



John: Gotta get shotgun...
Bobby: Gotta get
Danny: Gotta get
Chorus: Gotta get shotgunnn!
John: The time is now and the race has begun
when that car's in sight I'm gonna call shotgun
Bobby: In the front we will carry on a conversation
inadvertently excluding the guys in the back
Danny: I only wish to be the guy who helps out in the front seat
by using my free hands to cycle through the tracks
Bryan: It's my car, so I never get to call-
All: Shotgun
John: When I get it I'll be prince of the road
those other guys don't stand a chance
Bobby: I've got the power and I'm ready to explode
I'm in position for my final advance
Danny: I'll be riding high in my paradise of leg room
while those other guys'll be rotting in their backseat tomb
Bobby: It's clear that
All: Shotgun is mine!
Shotgun shotty shotty shotty shotgun (repeats)

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By RJ McHatton 5 years ago