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    Time Is Running Out (Muse)


    par Anne-Sophie

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    I know it's not perfect at all... But i had to cover this song, it is so awesome to play ... This is the first tak :P! I messed up the solo cause when i'm stand it's harder. I'm unforgivable ^^. Seriously, i don't care if you think it is a crapy cover, i'm in love with my guitar and this song :D. I play a year and half ago. Sorry for the sound quality, i just used my webcam xD

    Let me know what you think please...(when i watch this cover again i wonder why i posted it lol cause everybody will say me that it's not good)

    " My time is running ouuuuuttt we can biiirth iit uuuuunnnderrrgrooouuuud " <3 .