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    La Concejala Antropofaga Pedro Almodovar English Subtitles

    Pip Rim

    par Pip Rim

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    Camellia Burney (Verified Contributor)
    I just watched the full HD movie here The quality is great enjoy!
    Pip Rim
    @dm_50a6cdb151dce FYI, I'm not a PAP member ;) My Spanish isn't brilliant and I was working from a Portguese script that I found online... I just did it as an exercise because I love Pedro and short films and wanted to understand this one a little better.
    Par Pip RimIl y a 2 ans
    At minute 02:30 the translation is not correct. Pederast is not gay. Being gay is neither being a pederast. Could it be that the translation has been done by a PAP member?
    Par dm_50a6cdb151dceIl y a 3 ans
    Par cowboystyle2Il y a 6 ans