La Concejala Antropofaga Pedro Almodovar English Subtitles

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Another fantastic outing from the master - inspired by upcoming feature 'Broken Embraces (Los abrazos rotos) this short features the charatcers Pina, Maribel and Chon, with a witty and subversive monologue from the latter.

This is Almodóvar's first short film in 30 years and was apparently filmed in a corner of the Broken Embraces set. Almodóvar has stressed that it's quite different in tone and style to the feature .

Ever the entertainer, the credits include: direction by Mateo Blanco (AKA Almodóvar) and 'Guion' Harry "Huracan" Caine (AKA Almodóvar).

It debuted exclusively on Canal+ Spain on Friday 13th March, without subtitles. I spent a long time trying to find a version with English subtitles and couldn't (as of May 2009) so decided to make my own (hence they're not 'official'). It took me a while so I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I do.

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I just watched the full HD movie here tinyurl.com/qelzcxj The quality is great enjoy!
@dm_50a6cdb151dce FYI, I'm not a PAP member ;) My Spanish isn't brilliant and I was working from a Portguese script that I found online... I just did it as an exercise because I love Pedro and short films and wanted to understand this one a little better.
Par Pip Rim L'année dernière
At minute 02:30 the translation is not correct. Pederast is not gay. Being gay is neither being a pederast. Could it be that the translation has been done by a PAP member?
Par dm_50a6cdb151dce Il y a 3 ans
Par cowboystyle2 Il y a 5 ans