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    Nokia Ovi Store: Rough start, rough road


    by TechVi

    Ever since Apple unveiled its fruit-flavored phone-de-jour, cell phone companies have been scrambling to catch up. Be it the multi-touch screen, the smooth multimedia access, or most recently, the App Store, many companies are struggling to keep pace. Today, Nokia entered its hat into the App Store ring, launching its own Ovi Store for any handset running the series 60 Symbian platform. But, will launching the app store be enough, or does Nokia have much more to prove? We talk to Paul Miller of Engadget, and Rory Reid of CNET UK. Paul thinks it's obviously a win for current S60 owners, and that Nokia essentially had to create an easy way to add applications or it'd be in for an even larger world of hurt. Unfortunately for Nokia, though, the new Ovi Store doesn't tip the scales in Nokia's favor just yet. Overseas, Rory's take is similar, but since there are millions upon millions of Europeans who still rock the Nokia-trademark ringtone, the Ovi Store's impact will be felt much more on that side of the pond. That is, if they can use the service. Rory reports that earlier this morning his experiences mirrored many others' frustration when trying to launch the store, and he couldn't even try it out till the early launch demand had died down. Unfortunately, with today's marred launch of the Nokia Ovi Store, the Finnish-based mobile monolith has done little to disuade the public perception that the company has its ducks in a row, and more importantly, the store doesn't yet offer much innovation over the experiences of other App stores. That isn't to say, however, there's no hope for Nokia, but the Ovi Store alone isn't enough to fix the biggest problem: Phone selection. Cool-hunting smartphone-loving geeks have a lot of the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2, Palm Pre, T-Mobile G1 and of course, the iPhone, and that means Nokia's execution has to be damned near perfect before the company is top-of-mind in the US. Nokia has a long, rough road to travel before Nokia phones dominate pockets on this side of ...