Atheists, A tip on how to find God.

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Get the Book! I like to give a tip for all scoffers or Atheists out there on how to find God!


Entertaining fluff!
By actual-person 2 years ago
What posseses a person to spout such delusional nonsense? This guy is telling me that there really is a phantom in the sky and that evidence of this is all around me? That coin has no currency with me, buddy. God your mind.
By gypsyagogo 3 years ago
I am an atheist seeking evidence of god. In my extensive search and talks with many christians, I have yet to discover any, or be presented with any. I would like to see your "best solid evidence" that you claim to have in your video. You have caught my interest, and would be easily persuaded to believe in god if presented with sufficient evidence of his existence. Thank you in advance for your help!
By RandomAtheist 3 years ago
By everyone's definition, God is not real, and is not a real person.
All this about attacking and name calling, you are doing this right now, just hiding it really well.
By frogjg2003 4 years ago