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the Rich man is not human : Hugo Chavez - english sub-titles

hace 9 años296 views

President Hugo Chávez Thursday told high school students that "being rich is evil" and that socialism is the "kingdom of equality and solidarity."

"Being rich is evil. The rich attack me because I say that, yet I insist that being rich is evil," said the Venezuelan ruler when making a speech about political ideology during the opening ceremony of a secondary school in northwestern Lara state, Efe quoted.

Chávez stressed that the fact that he questions wealth "does not mean you have to live in misery." On the contrary, he claimed that his government is working hard to guarantee "a decent life" for most Venezuelans.

"Capitalism is the king of selfishness and inequality… Socialism is the kingdom of love, equality, solidarity and peace, and true democracy," Chávez told the students.

He described 2009 as "the year to consolidate the revolution" he has been advancing over the last 10 years and which intends to establish a socialist system in Venezuela, the world's fifth largest oil exporter and the US' fourth largest oil supplier.

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the Rich man is not human : Hugo Chavez - english sub-titles
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