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    Instant Ramen Nissin Cup Noodle, cooking in Japan


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    Ramen Cup Noodle Nissin pack 5

    The real Nissin's Cup Noodle, the most famous instant noodle in the world.

    The ramen of this time are the Cup Noodle from Nissin, which have the particularity of being the original, the first instant ramen, created in 1958 by Nissin's founder, Momofuku Ando, although it was not until 1971 that they thought of selling in a cup or container.

    Directly from the country of the rising sun, export-manga brings to you the 7 most popular flavors here in Japan:

    1. Normal

    2. Seafood

    3. Milk Seafood

    4. Chilli Tomato

    5. Cheese and Tomato

    6. Cheese and Curry

    7. Curry


    - Each pack has 5 Cup Noodle of 90 grams (net weight) with one of the flavors that you can choose.

    - If you don't want the 5 of the same flavor we can send a pack of 5 different flavors.

    - Select in the tab below the pack of 5 cup noodles that you want.

    Eating Cup Noodle in 5 steps:

    1. When you open (the top opens halfway up where indicated), you can see all the ingredients.

    2. Heat water and when it is boiling, add up to the cup until the mark indicated. Be careful!

    3. Cover the product again (that's why we could not open the whole) and wait three minutes.

    4. After such a "long" wait, remove the top and see that the ingredients are swollen and ready to be eaten.

    5. Move the cup a bit and you can eat. Itadakimasu!