TRAILER "The Canary Test"

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Modern times offer humanity much diversity and many opportunities for a comfortable life. However, the seemingly constant need for communication and the permanent pressure of ever more consumption do seem to entail their own malfunctions. Man, supposedly on top of it all, has become a victim of his own success : more and more individuals suffer from MCS (for Multiple chemical sensivity, substances in cosmetics, peint, washing powder etc) and MES (for Mulitple electromagnetic sensitivity, micro-waves, mobile phones, Wifi etc).
Are these cases warning signals for worldwide epidemic spreads, just as, in the olden days, canaris warned the miners of immiment danger ?
This documentary offers to film the daily lives of seven different patients across the globe, in France as well as in Japan, in Canada, in Scandinavia and elsewhere. We will have a hard look at the realities of the sufferings they are exposed to, and the way their respective societies treats them.
The information will provide a cross-section of situations, carefully selected, to represent real cases as opposed to expert opinions and scientific generalisations.
The film will be not be offering any conclusions. But it will allow the viewer to have a solid insider view into the intent and scope of this phenomenon.

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