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    Game-Changing Products Like These Are Re-Making The World of Aviation One of the most pleasant aspects of flying a Technologically Advanced Aircraft over the last few months, are the many new capabilities they bring and the safety that results. While there is always the risk of "info-glut," we've come to particularly appreciate those products that do their job simply, aggressively and with an eye to the future. In ANN's Cirrus G3 Turbo, our 'Aviator' package has become more than just a great tool, but a pivotal means by which we get our traveling done effectively and safely. Such a product is WxWorx, the data provider for XM WX Satellite Weather, one of the world's leading satellite-delivered weather services. WxWorx is part of a larger family of companies operating under the umbrella of Baron Services. The mobile arm of the Baron group, it combines capabilities inherent to the parent company with the satellite delivery of XM WX Satellite Weather. The company was founded by meteorologists, and claims that 'whether it’s in the scientific integrity of our data, or our attention to detail, our passion for weather shows.' XM WX Satellite Weather is unique because it uses XM's S-Band satellite technology to transmit continuously-updated weather data to XM WX receivers placed in all manner of aircraft. XM WX subscribers use their laptop computers or other mobile displays to view and interact with weather parameters as essential and varied as radar, wind speed and direction, county warnings and more, all on the go. The use of S-Band technology is a key factor and one of the defining advantages of XM WX Satellite Weather, because the S-Band wavelength can easily penetrate dense storm cells. There's more to all this, but if you check out Aero-TV's presentation, you can find out for yourself -- check it out and find out to how to stay in touch with the weather ahead, courtesy of WxWorx... Aero-TV Gets A Full Weather Briefing Via WxWorx FMI:,,, ...