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    Mormonism: Why Are Mormons So Happy?


    by DefendingMormonism


    Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...

    ...are happy because we...

    serve each other - this helps one develop compassion and selflessness while providing comfort and support to the receiver.

    follow the Word of Wisdom - a code of health wherein abstaining from tea, coffee, alcohol and smoking encourages physical health and longevity.

    focus on family - emphasizing the core unit of society creates lasting bonds of affection and a proper perspective of what is most important in life.

    pay tithing - giving ten percent of ones increase for the Lords work gives more people the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and participate in the Lords Church.

    donate money - offering charitable donations benefits those who are less fortunate and the willingness to donate to the poor is indicative of individuals who deal prudently with their finances, regardless of social status.

    emphasize education - learning breeds confidence and increases ones ability to have a successful and stable career.

    stress morality and goodness - a wholesome lifestyle brings about freedom and independence, increases ones self-esteem, improves relationships, protects individuals from unnecessary pain and sadness, and enhances life in innumerable ways.

    Why do Mormons do these things?

    Why are Mormons so happy?

    The Good News of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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