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    Biblical Polygamy: Plural Marriage in the Holy Bible


    by DefendingMormonism

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    After revealing the Ten Commandments to Moses, the Lord taught about plural marriage

    saying that if a man were to have another wife, her food, clothing and marital rights were not to be diminished.

    Exodus 21:10

    The Lord revealed the importance of the equity of wives and children under plural marriages.

    Deuteronomy 21:15-17

    Abraham had multiple wives.

    Genesis 16: 1-11, 25:1

    Jacob had multiple wives.

    Genesis 29:28; 30: 4,9,26

    And Jesus Christ himself taught that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will sit in the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Matt 8:11; Luke 13:28

    David had multiple wives

    2 Samuel 2:2, 5:13

    and did not sin until devising a way to take Uriahs wife Bathsheba.

    2 Samuel 12: 7-13

    Solomon practiced plural marriage

    and was only condemned when he went against the commandment of God and married outside Israel.

    1 Kings 11:1-6

    Still others had more than one wife.

    Abijah waxed mighty, and married fourteen wives

    2 Chronicles 13:21

    Ehoiada took for him two wives

    2 Chronicles 24:3

    Plural marriage was also prophesied by Isaiah as happening in the future.

    Isaiah 4:1

    From the Holy Bible, we learn that in some cases the Lords servants were rebuked and punished for not practicing plural marriage according to Gods command.

    However, the practice of plural marriage, according to the Holy Bible, is appropriate when approved by God and dictated to his authorized disciples.