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    Tomorrow Today | Science on the Zugspitze

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    One of the scientists who regularly go to the Zugspitze to carry out measurements is Sabine Wüst. Every two months she spends several days at the research station. The 28 year old with a degree in mathematics specializes in regional weather development,a subject about which meteorologists still know very little.One natural phenomenon that plays an important role is changes in air pressure on the edge of mountain ranges,producing what is known as 'atmospheric gravity waves.' In the lab on the Zugspitze Sabine Wüst is studying these waves at the place where they form. What is it like up at Germany's highest altitude research station? It is open all year round,but during the winter that means working in snowstorms and below-zero temperatures,shut up in the barren Alpine environment,as isolated as on an island. TOMORROW TODAY spent a day with this researcher in her mountain-top laboratory with a view. A report by Mabel Gundlach.