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    Destroying Darwin's Theory, Atheists how Jinn created


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    mainly what i can say that Darwins Theory is completely Wron, because there is other creatures which lives with us Like ( JiNN ) could you tell me how Jinn has been Created also by evolution or how as there is Tangible Evidence that there is jinn and Magic people who makes real magic will not be able to make magic without Jinn as we can't see jinn but some people who makes magic can see them as they are created from fire , is it possible that they are created also from evolution, I think Dr Darwins Forget to think about these and look under his legs now, so if there is Jinn or demons of Course the Theory of demons is completely wrong because our question will be how these Jinn or demons came also from Evolution ? of course no as they are created from fire so please think again be more open minded don't look under your legs only look to the whole universe Hope you best think again As Theory is not a fact may be right or wrong , thanks