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    FIND THE MASTERS HIDDEN SECRETS OF MEDITATION********************* ++++++++++++++++++++ Lesson 5: The Nine Meditative Realms of Dhyana and Samadhi, The characteristics and how to achieve the four dhyana, the four formless absorptions (Samadhi), the Arhat's nirvana with remainder, the Bodhisattva bhumis. Lesson 6: Eight Different Levels of Consciousness 1. The Sixth Consciousness 2. The Shadow side or "du-yin" (solitary consciousness) of the sixth consciousness 3. The Seventh Consciousness 4. The Alaya Storehouse Consciousness, or 8th consciousness Lesson 7: Spiritual Progress as Measured by Esoteric Phenomena Real Tibetan tantra (this is the real Esoteric school) and Esoteric teachings on the empties and blisses and stages of the chi entering the central channel. Lesson 8: Proficiency in Skillful Means and the Exercise of Bodhisattva Compassion Confucian, Socratic, Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu and other ideals on compassionate behavior, life purpose and exhibiting your Tao (your stage of cultivation achievement) in the world of phenomena and men.