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Your professional microwave operator is going to be microwaving underwater for your viewing pleasure today. Yes, both microwaves still work several days later after this production was made. Nothing beats a Kenmore microwave.

You are watching HD Wide Screen Episode #Forty-Five on Dailymotion

*Items are microwaved in a professional environment. Please do not attempt.

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Please be advised the XBOX 360/ Kenmore pizza/oven combo contest was specific to My original Youtube Microwaving show and does not apply here


Dovetastics to-do-list for May:

1: Microwave my donation *okay, done*

2: Microawave a full size jackhammer

3: Microwave a gas flask with propane

4: Microwave a running vacuum cleaner while the microwave gets microwaved

5: Microwave that 200 bottle rockets you speaked about

6: Microwave a 15 inch cervin vega subwoofer while its woofing

7: Microwave a loaded gatling gun

8: Microwave a gas flask with chlorine gas

9: microwave a vasp nest (with vapsp of course)

10: microwave a pair of running chainsaws

11: microwave a (full size) car

12: Microwave dynamite

13: Microwave molten lava

14: Microwave a flash-bang grenade

15: Microwave a police siren who makes police siren sounds while the microwave gets microwaved!

That should do it? :)
By MrTruckdriver09 6 years ago
LOL, I am not going to bath in your pool :P
By MrTruckdriver09 6 years ago
LOL LOL LOOOL at the sound at 3:47 and 4:17 :P Sounds like the Kraken is microwaving :P
By MrTruckdriver09 6 years ago
its a good way to get rid of the swine flu i like cooking PIGGY TAILS (CFL,s) its the only pork in doves microwave :P nice blowtorch purple/pink flames came out of it when it was cooking!
By daewooparts 6 years ago