Bruno Sammartino vs. Hercules

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Bruno Sammartino vs. Hercules, Houston, TX 8/28/87

4 comments i love to see the Big Boys go at it!...but boy oh boy,these two certainly gave a real good run of the action,with some decent close up shots in that camera work into the bargain.Certainly one to view again to get the excitment flowing.Thanks for posting a great match of yester year,it's Appreciated.
By garth leslie robinson 5 years ago
He's a wrestler actually, Pete Doherty a jobber WWF had who wrestled, mainly in the Boston Garden. Not very easy on the eyes either,lol. The other two are Bruce Pritchard (aka Brother Love) and Mike McGuirk who later became the ring announcer for Wrestling Challenge.
By Stinger1981 6 years ago
Agreed, that heel commentator was really annoying. Don't know how he ever got a job, did he sleep with the Boss' daughter?
By Unknown.. 6 years ago
ok i have to say this gets my vote for the worst commentrary team. who is it anyways?
By phillip sanders 6 years ago