Adrian Schubert & His Orchestra - Sweetheart Darlin


by Vintagemusicman

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recorded 4/1933 vocal by Elmer Feldkamp
from the motion picture "Peg O My Heart" featuring Marion Davies


Went to do my workout and now back but will be spending the day with the family. Thank you Genia for understanding. I would never be upset with you.
By Vintagemusicman 6 years ago
I overreacted, I know you were only stating your beliefs, that is what America is all about FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Lou on the other hand always attacks me.
I wish you a Happy Memorial Day too, My Romantic ONE!
By Genia 6 years ago
Lovable LOU,
My father recieved a Purple Heart for his service injury.
I do take a moment to think about those men who didn't lose their lives, they were take away but more so in MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. I worry about the boys who lost limbs and faces and are now in those Veterans Hospitals that Bush let go to pot and who later will need our help for the rest of their lives. So stop your phoney compassion, if you had son who was in the Iraqi war and messed up for life , you would be singing a different tune. Lou, SMILE Dick Cheny loves YOU!
HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! Take time to think about the boys who have no life now.
By Genia 6 years ago
Genia,while you lay on your Long Is.beach blanket,,take one minute to thank all our young men buried in European and other cemeteries in this world.We have a president who is apologizing to the Europeans for the space our young men are taking up in their cemetery'sIt makes me sick to walk into Veterans centers and see this Scam Man's photo hanging on the wall.
By Lou 6 years ago
Genia this comment had nothing to do with you. This is how I feel about the dems and Obama. I never said we didn't have issues under Bush. Please don't take this as being directed at you, you voted by your beliefs and that is how it should be. I do wish you a very Happy Memorial Day!
By Vintagemusicman 6 years ago
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