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    iPhone rumors aren't game changers, plus which phone to ...


    by TechVi

    Another day, another bundle of Apple rumors– such is life in May. This time, we're hearing the iPhone might get an incremental storage bump to 32GB, plus an expanded processor, which would make applications easier to develop. Will it happen, and are these going to change the mobile landscape? We talk to Kevin Tofel of JKOnTheRun and Iyaz Ahktar of Gadgetell. Kevin maintains it's not that different from things we've seen before, and that the storage bumps are sort of "no duh" level rumors. Iyaz thinks if the rumors are true, there could be next-iPhone exclusive apps that wouldn't work on older models like the 3G and original. When pressed whether this rumored iPhone is in either of their futures, both disagreed. Kevin's looking most forward to the Pre, and its Web OS based life, and Iyaz, though not planning to upgrade in the near term, doesn't think an OLED screen and extra storage will be enough to satisfy him. What about you? Are you eying any of the next generation of smartphones? Which one will you pay for?