Dessins transportés-Marie-T Latuner-Sajeev

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Croisements dessin/danse
L’axe principal de ce projet vise à « mêler » dessin et danse en lien avec des pratiques autres, traditionnelles et rituelles.

Dessins transportés
Projet et démarche artistique
Dessin – Danse – Rituel
Marie-T Latuner / Sajeev


I have not yet seen all the performance, so here is what i feel in 7 mins extrait.
i think there's a story somehow between a sacred monster (or some creature that is not totaly human or a man that is possesed by something) and a god or a holly person with magic power who is doing a rituel to purifie( i don't know if it's the proper word to use) the creature, or propably to give him a test, and he had finally passe the chalenge. I wonder what the last scene is exactly, cause it's not clear to see on the screen, it seems to me a picture. the way the artist dripping the send is beautiful and subtle, don't know what it looks like with live scene. the moment that the white send dropped on the skin of the dancer is really beautiful, but i feel like somehow expecting for more to happen.
and at the final part the music has changed, a little bit more like occidental to me but it seems strange to me that the mood and space had changed in a sudden. :)
By mi lee 5 years ago
but in my opinion, and from what i've seen, i feel that the "dialogue" between these two performs could be developped.
but thought that drawing is a dance and dance is a drawing :):)

there just in two different dimensions

they have (i think) to question and respond to each other, isn't it ?

but think that's only MY way to see it
By lullabeez 5 years ago