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    Chef Rick Bayless Says: Its Time to Take Hold of the Gril...

    News Infusion

    by News Infusion

    For more info visit According to a recent survey, more women than ever plan on grilling this summer, but they are still less likely than men to say they feel confident about their grilling skills. None of this surprises celebrity chef Rick Bayless who says that not only are men more confident barbecuers than women, but they are more likely to brag about their grilling prowess to anyone who will listen! But not this summer, says Bayless who wants to give women their turn in front of the flame! Bayless, whose book with his now seventeen-year-old daughter Rick and Lanie’s Excellent Kitchen Adventures was nominated for a James Beard Award, says that men dominating the grill is a peculiarity to our country alone. In countries like Mexico and the Philippines, it’s the girls who get to hold the grilling tongs. In satellite interviews on May 19, Bayless provided viewers with super hot grilling tips and tricks that will turn them into backyard BBQ pros!