How to beat Google

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Google has been atop the internet search world for nearly a decade, and once again it seems a new crop of competitors is lining up to take shots at the company's dominance. In one corner, while not a direct Google competitor, Wolfram Alpha is stepping up to the plate to try to give consumers answers on tabular data, and in another, it seems that Microsoft will be unveiling a new search engine competitor. So where is Google's weak spot? Where should these competitors be hitting? We ask Kyle Monson from PC Mag, as well as James Papadopolous exactly where they think Google could improve. Kyle thinks Wolfram Alpha is an interesting concept, but he thinks consumers want a one-stop shop where they can type in a search query in the way they expect, and get the best answer possible. Wolfram Alpha might, instead, be something Google starts integrating in its own results, instead of taking marketshare from the search leader. James, thinks Microsoft's best shot at dethroning Google is to go back in time, Terminator style, and fix the problem. He thinks a key part of search is monetization, something Google has done stellarly to date. Personally, I think the thing that's next to dethrone Google will have to be another kid in a garage, working on a solution to the problem in an unexpected way. It's not going to come from Microsoft, or the creators of Mathmatica, in Wolfram Alpha's case, it's yet to be seen. Are you the person working on a search method that's going to shock people? Make sure TechVi knows about it. ( What's your take? Is there an area where you're unsatisfied with Google and think a competitor has a shot? Sound off in the comments.