YTB - What If YTB Travel Implodes?

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Jim Bartlett
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  • Add to YTB Travel is going through a very bad time now. The AG's of many states are trying to shut YTB down. This is not a good thing for the entire network marketing industry. Let's hope YTB comes through this challenge. In the event that YTB Travel does indeed implode, a lot of good people are going to be left looking for another income stream. YTB paid very good. I am in a program that also pays very well and I am at a level that I can greatly increase your bonus amount if you are a proven leader with YTB. If you would like a Plan B just in case YTB does not make it, please give me a call. Jim Bartlett 814.782.0012 or visit my website at: What the AG's are doing to YTB Travel is a shame and we all hate to see it happen. Thanks, Jim Jim Bartlett 814.782.0012