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    Aero-TV: Airplanes Direct -- Heart Of The Past, Tech Of The Future Keeping Up With Changes in The Aero-Marketplace Aviation is filled with people with great ideas -- some of them stand the test of time... and some of them do not. The latest is 'Airplanes Direct' -- an online attempt to recraft the aircraft sales marketplace. AD claims that an innovative approach to the aviation marketplace is what is behind their effort... a combination of online utility and social networking are being combined to match potential aircraft buyers with sellers. Airplanes Direct also utilizes a search platform, designed with ease of use in mind, to allow interested parties to shop the market and see what might be available. Aviation faces unique challenges in t he coming years due to a number of forces... tough economics, aggressive regulation and a climate that tends to make working or playing in aviation far more difficult than ever before. It is likely that it will require intensely creative ideas to move aviation forward and market it to the next generation of aero-consumers. We look forward to see if Airplanes Direct is one of those companies with the right ideas... Aero-TV Looks At Airplane Direct's Effort To Recraft Online Aircraft Sales FMI:,,, Copyright 2009, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.