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    Games That Blow (iPhone & iPod Touch) Coming 5/09


    by sonicboomapps

    Published by Sonic Boom, Inc. ( In this universal charmer, put your lips together and blow objects! Enjoy a collection of 10 whimsical mini-games, including Duck Inspector, Blow Darts, Fire Fighter, Soccer, and Windmill where you can blow into the microphone, or optionally tap objects on the screen. Play Solo or Multiplayer mode to show off your competitive streak. Charming illustrations and animations keep you entertained as you complete a series of games test your might, maneuver a paper plane to a safe landing, put out a raging fire, and huff, puff and blow houses down to expose three nervous little pigs. GPS location-sharing update coming soon! Developed by the creator of the hit game Topple, and blowing in at an introductory price of $0.99 at launch. Coming in May 2009!