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    by gregspencewolf

    "I'm A Righteous Dumpster Diver Dude"
    (Greg Spence Wolf, Lisa Rosenthal and Steve Burke)
    Music Produced by Greg Spence Wolf
    Engineers Alexei Koval (
    Spencer Dahl (
    Movie Directed by: Greg Spence Wolf

    Joe Fulton - Vocals and Fiddle (
    Wendy Joeseph - Vocals and Guitar (
    Karen Larson-Hess - Piano and Vocals

    Music by Greg Spence Wolf and Lisa Rosenthal
    Lyrics by greg Spence Wolf, Lisa Rosenthal and Steve Burke

    Photos of Wendy Joseph by Nancy Nordstrom (

    Photos of Joe Fulton from

    Film Clips by Cam Winter ( and Greg Spence Wolf

    Artwork by Greg Spence Wolf

    © Greg Spence Wolf 2008

    I'm a righteous dumpster diver dude.
    I get all of my apparel,
    From the bottom of a barrel.
    All my favorite music,
    Someone else refused it,
    My letterhead has many styles,
    Because it comes from the circular file.
    Yes, I'm a righteous dumpster diver dude.
    If it's in a bottle or a can,
    Then I figure that I can,
    Eat it all up,
    Without throwing up!
    I go to Campus every spring,
    To look for all of the good things,
    That people throw away,
    Because they go away.
    © Greg Spence Wolf, Lisa Rosenthal & Steve Burke
    http;// diverdude