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    Wladimir KlitschKO Vs David Haye Pizza Face Promo

    ric alford

    by ric alford

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    haye peut le battre ca sera son combat le plus difficille au vu des perf de haye wladimir va lutter parce que les jabs enchainés de la droite de wlad david haye l'attend et avec sa souplesse, sa rapidité et son sens de l'esquive sa va etre vraiment difficille si il s'amuse avec les jabs haye va lui monter dessus avc des contres; un beau combat en perspective..
    By incalosc7 years ago
    moi perso je prefr vitali a vlad
    By marchal7 years ago
    ric alford
    Some of you have asked:
    What's Vlad saying in the video?

    He is saying in English:
    "You'll get a good pizza face with this jab
    and I will knock you out in the 12th."

    "And at the press conference after the fight
    I will make you eat your words and your Tshirt as well."

    By ric alford7 years ago
    ric alford
    Thanks Silberblick.
    Yeah there are two fight posters
    on the wordpress site not seen in the video.
    The article is knockout In Schalke.
    By ric alford7 years ago
    I checked the wordpress article out.
    What I really liked was the poster that
    you did with Manny standing behind the
    fighters. The thought bubble is killer:
    "Nothin says
    like pizza's face
    in the oven
    at vlad's kitchen
    in Gelsenkirchen"
    Referring to the (Ich) I love
    Klit Tshirt David wore at the press
    conference in New York.
    By silberblick7 years ago
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