Bruce Lee UFC. Watch 5/17, 8pm on HISTORY

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Premieres Sunday, May 17 at 8pm on HISTORY! Bruce Lee is universally recognized for prying open the doors of ancient Chinese martial arts to the mass market. The history of Lee's life, and death at the age of only 32, is shrouded in mystery, but his influence on popular culture continues to be felt today. This special pieces together rare family archival footage owned by the Bruce Lee Foundation, together with in-depth interviews with individuals who have cited inspiration from Lee. Viewers will journey across the US, Asia and Europe exploring Lee's influence on popular culture worldwide--even joining Shannon Lee on a trip back to her father's roots in Hong Kong; nearly fifty years after Lee arrived to make his first kung fu film. Also features in-depth interviews with actor Jackie Chan, comedian Eddie Griffin, rappers LL Cool J and RZA, Marvel Comics' Stan Lee, and renowned film directors John Woo and Brett Ratner. Lee's friend and business partner famed Hong Kong film producer, Raymond Chow gives a rare interview.


UPDATE: can0.com/ufnx- ---> (high quality version)
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gnap.es/1d50s ---> (high quality episode)
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HQ EPISODE , kacq.info/6zsp
By ErnestKinney61365 Last week
That page did not show it --- use this link , u.to/qLBfCw
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UPDATE: full version is playing on this page http://rlu.ru/ft4D