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    Dont Trust Me 3oh 3


    by dabitch777

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    i wish i could give you a hug through dailymotion! :o anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? ..
    By swetygirlyy895 years ago
    güsel olmuş
    By irem_avril6 years ago
    Rich Mundo
    Fuck Bitches, I aint ya boyfriend, Ya Tiger Woods, Ya Bob Marley, or whomever you think I should Be. Im a fucking victim of a Train Wreck, These Bitches keep me upset, but will not give me any sex. Stupid broads, "Only time u love em is when ya dick hard" Jigger said it Best, Lets get official, What type of measurement, yall left in amazement, a fucking stupor, Yall don't know what it be about, getting tattoos of stars cause you like rock, Please betta get deep Like Over Seas, Symbology, Dan Brown Wrote it, But yall DVD'd it, on the bootleg, Damn, I aint a fan of none of this shit or YOU PEOPLE, I just vent on it, Push the windows down, so I can think while I ride around this town, waiting for the Pay Day, or My flight overseas, Fucking Guatanomo Bay shit, and Fuck that Fucking Whore and the Old Man who Adores a bitch, Bitter aint shit, U should check Twitter, FUCKER!
    By Rich Mundo7 years ago
    thats not them :S
    By jazzmynbradshaw7 years ago
    Cette chanson est vraiment kouullee ! (:
    By bonjourfriends7 years ago
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