Is Atheism a Religion?

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Get the Atheist Delusion here Dr. Phil Fernandes talks about how Atheism is as religious as Christianity.

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Whether one wants to put in the deistic aspect or not, religion has to do with beliefs and practices. Atheism may be a belief but it is a stretch to call it "religion". The crusades and the inquisition, etc., had their basis in religion, to control the "holy land" of their religion and toss out non christian infidels, and to persecute perceived threats to their religious beliefs. What action was taken with the express intent to establish atheistic non-belief or to persecute those who did not hold to non-belief? And why try and say "'re a religion!". It sounds like a petulant child grasping for a means of retaliation. How about just stick with the basic contention that there is no reason to believe in a god, or to believ in one religion or/vs. another.
By bscot968 last year