01043) Saints Destroy the Beast

David Eells

by David Eells


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Justus Hattingh
This is a very positive and earthly explanation of Daniels body and Revelation. If we have two statements, physical and spiritual. One group expect Jesus to come in Facts and Truth, while the other expect Jesus to what has been done always in the Old Testament. By Wonders and Miracles of Old. Who would be the leader like Moses, Joshua and David. Talking and in Truth leading the Born again children of God in Christ of todays people ? God always had one not two leaders to lead His people. They where walking together, today we are all over the world and scattered, thus not together to be lead by one leader ! Is this the view of Jehovah witness people ? Thank you. Hope to hear from the church or Mr David Eells. Blessings
By Justus Hattingh2 years ago