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This NEW TEN DVD training set is like a Video Version of 13 Steps to Mentalism Crossed with a Masterclass on NLP - Hypnosis and Mind Control. Discover the True Secrets of Combining Hypnosis & Mentalism Together with Magical Trickery and other Miracle Methods. This is the only DVD set you will ever need to become a true Hypnotic - Psychic & Mentalism or Magical Myetery Miracle Worker. MAGICAL GURU – Video Blog For Hypnosis & Magic Jonathan Royle’s daily blog for www.magicalguru.wordpress.com Covers subjects for Magicians – Hypnotherapists – Hypnotists – NLP’ers – Mentalists and other Mystery Arts Performers and exponents of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Check us out at www.magicalguru.wordpress.com as there are also 100’s of FREE Ebooks on all subjects to download, plus exclusive articles, training materials etc which can be only obtained by going to the blog each day at www.magicalguru.wordpress.com Also check out our new website at www.magicalguru.com Equiries email us on royle@magicalguru.com