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Festibal Especial! SurfDonkey ep12

hace 9 años551 views


Entrada al Concurso de Cortos de Surf del AMSTEL Surfilm Festibal7 2009.

Entry to the 2009 Surf Short Film Competition within the AMSTEL Surfilm Festibal7.

The world premiere of “Episode 12: Festibal Especial!” from SurfDonkey (http://surfdonkey.ca). This new episode is being released first here through the Surfilm Festibal and will not go into regular distribution until the festival is over. A special treat for our friends across the big water.

In this episode Lance is already cranky from a bad surf session the day before and we get an inside look at the preparation needed to surf in -8C Canadian conditions. Some killer Nova Scotia rides with a post-session “excuse-a-thon” (that we have all pulled one or twice in our own surf history). Don’t forget to watch the drive-through chatter at the end.

Thanks for watching, have a great festival and “Get yer Donk on!”

The Donks
(aka Craig and Lance Moore)