Troyella - Fearless


by andra

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A Troyella video.Song is "Fearless" by Taylor Swift.
This video is about Troyella moments/memories.Only thing that isn't about Troyella is from "Say Ok" video,but it fittend in tis video well.Hope all of you will like it.:D


Tere Andra! See video on tegelikult hea revelatsioon. Siin on ehtne soprus ja armastus 2 inimest ja ma naen et suvi on tubli aeg. High School Musical on tore jutt. :-)
By Jarek 5 years ago
Ela ise ka hästi.
By andra 5 years ago
Ma tahaksin raakima et see muusika on tegelikult ilus :-) Kaunis soprus! Ela hasti!
By Jarek 5 years ago
Aitäh. :D
By andra 5 years ago
Tere Andra! Ma arvan et see video on vaga ilus ja vaikne ja on hasti toodetud , jah High School Musical on vaga hea ja selles videos on toeline armastus :-)
By Jarek 5 years ago