Death Star Destroys Enterprise

Mike Horn

by Mike Horn

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Because, you know, Enterprise wouldn't be able to see the energy signature of the superlaser charging. And they'd conveniently stay in one place long enough for the Death Star to get a weapons lock. And, you know, totally wouldn't beam a photon torpedo onto their bridge. Nah.
By E14Gun2 Last year
LOL.. They hate paparazzi too
By LoungeV 4 years ago
EPIC? VIDS ;) ..i feel lonely though.. !!!
By lovelygirl19 4 years ago
Sound travels much much slower than light. You wouldn't hear the sound of the Death Star charging its main weapon--nor blowing up the Enterprise--for what could possibly be up to several seconds. The speed of sound changes through matter: and this is assuming sound is going to be transmitted at all through the vacuum of space.

So yeah, your video is physically incorrect. It bothers me.
By Konraden 5 years ago
esta muy bien logrado, limpio en realidad..... puntos bajos: los rayos de la estrella de la muerte parecen desorientados, y la explosi{on estuvo muy floja en realidad, no le hace justicia a todo el resto del trabajo que en verdad estuvo excelente..
By samyraimy 5 years ago
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