Death Star Destroys Enterprise

Mike Horn
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Military force was authorized yesterday after the alleged time travelers and their craft ignored an ultimatum to stop whale poaching.


Because, you know, Enterprise wouldn't be able to see the energy signature of the superlaser charging. And they'd conveniently stay in one place long enough for the Death Star to get a weapons lock. And, you know, totally wouldn't beam a photon torpedo onto their bridge. Nah.
By E14Gun2 May
LOL.. They hate paparazzi too
By LoungeV 3 years ago
Wow thats pretty darn cool!! How did you make this video?
By divinebreasts 3 years ago
EPIC? VIDS ;) ..i feel lonely though.. !!!
By lovelygirl19 3 years ago
Sound travels much much slower than light. You wouldn't hear the sound of the Death Star charging its main weapon--nor blowing up the Enterprise--for what could possibly be up to several seconds. The speed of sound changes through matter: and this is assuming sound is going to be transmitted at all through the vacuum of space.

So yeah, your video is physically incorrect. It bothers me.
By Konraden 4 years ago
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