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Jo dham chit na aavai - Jagjit Singh Portugal

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Soohee, First Mehl:
The Yogi practices yoga, and the pleasure-seeker practices eating.
The austere practice austerities, bathing and rubbing themselves at sacred shrines of pilgrimage. ||1||
Let me hear some news of You, O Beloved; if only someone would come and sit with me, and tell me. ||1||Pause||
As one plants, so does he harvest; whatever he earns, he eats.
In the world hereafter, his account is not called for, if he goes with the insignia of the Lord. ||2||
According to the actions the mortal commits, so is he proclaimed.
And that breath which is drawn without thinking of the Lord, that breath goes in vain. ||3||
I would sell this body, if someone would only purchase it.
O Nanak, that body is of no use at all, if it does not enshrine the Name of the True Lord. ||4||5||7||