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    Remember Eric Harris

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    von bluebirdy1407

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    he was beautiful
    Von dm_50b45a4d8262cVor 3 Jahren
    With all due respect-while Eric could not help the genes he was born with I find it hard to idolize him.After reading his journals I was horrified by some of the things he said.If he hadn't killed himself at Columbine he still would have murdered somehow....Dylan would only have killed himself and HE is the one deserving of the most sympathy...
    Von sandravmVor 4 Jahren
    Awesome video!!! This truly touched me!!! Seeing him in these videos I feel like I can connect to him... Because I know he felt... RIP Eric... Love and miss you
    Von JodiVor 5 Jahren
    caroline masclef
    R.I.P. lost boy...
    Von caroline masclefVor 5 Jahren
    Amazing video. Awesome song choice. Well done! A very fitting tribute.
    I didn't know Eric personally but I don't think I need to. He was intelligent, funny, genuine, passionate, loyal and exceedingly handsome. It's such a tremendous loss. I pity him and have mourned him extensively. I pray for him every night.
    R.I.P Eric. I know you live on in spirit. You are loved and missed xoxo
    Von SandraVor 5 Jahren
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