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    Aslang interactor translation



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    This is the video tutorial on how to use the core of Slanger's system - Interactor.
    Interactor is a state-of-the-art web-based application that serves best to any kind of translator's needs.
    The overall step-by-step workflow looks like this:
    1. the user takes his ready source article (plain text file UTF-8 encoded) to translate
    2. loads this article into Interactor
    3. defines a translation direction of his choice to process the source file
    4. starts working with the already processed and ready for translation chunks of text
    5. may check the meanings of found words and characters (the latter is available for Chinese only) in the Interactor's vocabulary Tabs
    6. another option for the translator's convenience is thesauri for Chinese, English and Russian languages
    7. the Interactor's vocabulary Tabs present one-two dictionary entries for the short view sake, and to obtain the full dictionary nests for each entry the user may switch on "All" view panel for the shortlisted words
    8. right below each block of the processed source text the translator may place his job and save it deliberately, any moment, pausing for a coffee break
    9. to access the saved translation one has to open his Filer and download the files safely