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    Dr. Garbers PhD Degree In Homeopathic Medicine


    by DrGarbers

    114 views Doctor Stuart Garber was the first person in North America to receive a PhD in Homeopathy. Dr. Garber's Natural Solutions® are a unique line of homeopathic remedies that safely and effectively treat many of the most common ailments with no side effects. These great tasting and easy to use formulas exclusively combine the three homeopathic biotherapies in a special synergy critical to their effectiveness. By combining the biotherapies this way, Dr. Garber has been able to target specific conditions in a unique and previously unattainable way. Remedies are available for sleep, anxiety, depression, joints, bone strength, lungs, skin, constipation, diarrhea, injuries, female hormone balance and allergies. Having spent almost 30 years in private practice treating 1000's of patients with homeopathy and natural healing, it is Dr. Garber's mission and passion to help people get well and stay well.