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    Glow In The Dark Stickers


    by stickergiant

    Hey this is John Fischer, I'm the owner and founder of StickerGiant and I wanted to show you a new sticker we just did, it is a glow in the dark sticker for my friend AJ. AJ has a new venture going and he needed some new stickers, his logo is rectanglular so we didn't want to do a die cut shape, so we found this super glowing intense vinyl stock and printed black ink over it with his logo and these things glow like crazy, we tested them out earlier and I;ll show you a picture and they are really neat stickers, Vaynermedia so if you want one, send us a self addressed stamped envelope to Vaynermedia Stickers, c/o POB 301 Hygiene, CO 80533, thanks alot and have a great day,