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John/George - A Hard Day's Night Movie.

il y a 12 ans3K views



Petit exrtait du film "A Hard Day's Night" des Bealtes, avec John Lennon dans son bain et George Harrison montrant à Shake comme se rassé. Enjoy ! ;)


Ah, the filthy Englander.
Keep boating, Tiny.
-Go on, George.
-Don't be ridiculous.
-But you said I could.
-Me mind boggles at the very idea.
A grown man and you haven't shaved
with a safety razor.
It's not my fault. I come from a long
line of electricians.
-Well, you're not practicing on me.
-All right, then. But show us.
Come on, then.
Rule Britannia! Britannia, rule the--
Put your tongue away. It looks
disgusting hanging there.
One slip of the razor and...
Torpedoed again, eh?
The car's waiting to take you to the
studio. Where's John?
In the bath.
All right, Lennon, let's have you.
Come on, John, stop larking about.
John? John?
What are you messing around
with that boat for?
There's a car waiting. Come on!

(trop flemmarde pour vous faire la traduc' ! ^^)

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John/George - A Hard Day's Night Movie.
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