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    Platinum One Destinations -- Look At The Team Behind You


    by platinumonescam

    11 views ..//-- The old business models that were successful a few years ago no longer work. In 2009, Platinum One Destinations will need to pass the value test. Does P1D offer retail buyers real value? Some complain about the product and points while others complain about lack of training and support. Most don’t make any money and complain about that too. They started a Platinum One Destinations home based travel business to turn a profit, so where is it? Is there money to be earned with Platinum One Destinations? Many have slapped the scam label on {Platinum One Destinations}. Some wonder if it is a scam or simply an overpriced vacation club selling memberships for up to $15,000 while other travel club memberships offer lower travel prices, more resorts and much more for about $2000. The home based travel business expert has flown over a million miles just with U S Airways. He’s a Hilton Diamond VIP member with over 27 stays a year and an elite Avis First Member. A marketing expert who coordinated training for the largest group in a prominent 14-year-old travel organization, he has trained and mentored some of the most successful people in the industry. He knows all the options in the travel business inside and out. Can anyone make money with Platinum One Destinations? Some do and some don’t, so what the difference? What’s the deal with buying all those points with Platinum One Destinations P1D? Why don’t travelers have to buy points with home based travel businesses other than Platinum One Destinations? The home based travel business expert reviewed P1D and found only about 4800 resorts in the inventory. Luxury condos were all over $149 a week. A competitor of Platinum One Destinations offers access to well over 5400 resorts starting at just $149 a week. Take notes as the home based travel business expert explains the success principle many in the home based business marketplace are missing. It’s the lost secret of success. 2009 is the year everyone w...