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    CLEAR CONSCIENCE -no bravery


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    a sam-centric, before season4 FINALE, and a project i have about the coming episode and sam's addiction and its consequences, here i do TRY to present my take on the reason why/how he changes from a man that lived in shades of grey, trying to find ways to avoid killing innocent people.... to a person that is caught in a whirlwind of power/killing spree and obeying to the nautral urge/law of 'kill or be killed'... hence his need to be the fittest to live through all of his battles.
    the song used to be pretty biaised (from an artist that went to war and saw things there). i hope this vid and clips, mixed with the lyrics and background of the song, won't feel hurt or chocked....
    hope you enjoy the vid. comments are love. if debates can start, feel free ;)