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    Ski /Snowboard Lessons - Ski Simulator - Snowboard Simulator


    by fsssglobal

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    Finally, the real carving ski simulators and snowboard simulators are invented! These cutting edge alpine ski and snowboard training machines allow the skiers and snowboarders to experience the same impressive g-force effects that they do while in the well carved turns on a real slope. You can use these state-of-the-art ski and snowboard exercise machines to quickly develop and/or maintain exactly the same skills that you need for modern ski and snowboard carving. No other ski simulator or snowboard simulator in the world comes even close to these machines! It is the real ski and snowboard training machines that help you to become much better skier or snowboarder. Your muscles, exhausted after just a short training session (20-30 min.), will remind you that it is not a game! Special software allows you to select your desired settings, choosing from a slope profile to the multiple strain levels. All the training details, including the slope steepness, the edge angles, the forces applied, the virtual speed, the body position etc., are displayed on the computer monitor or the big screen in front of the ski simulator and snowboard simulator while you are practicing. And finally, you can challenge yourself ripping through the gates on the different multimedia Slalom and GS courses displayed on the big screen.

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