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    Tomb Raider 3 Glitched Speedrun - Area 51


    by Ryan

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    Area 51 in 6:39.

    One of my favorite Tomb Raider levels. The beginning was pretty solid. I saved in the rocket room because of the huge shortcut that is a bit difficult to set up properly.

    The bug to get to the top of the rocket room is one of the sweetest bugs I have ever seen. rr_carroll found this, and it saves at least 2 minutes. If you want to know how to do it, just send me a message.

    After that, I was kind of sloppy. I lost a second at the 2nd switch in the timed doors room, I had to jump twice to get in the saucer, and the final jump is a little faster with a running jump but a side jump is much easier. The last jump needs to be very precise because its easy for Lara to miss and get knocked back.

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