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    Maharishi talks about "Perfection in Life" on Larry King


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    KING: Do you believe in perfection?

    MAHARISHI: I'm bringing perfection in life. It's not a matter of belief. I have the positive program and the concrete program to create perfection in life.

    I want to create every government to be free from military. Military is a defeatist feature of a government. Government is not able to protect the nation, and therefore they engage the people, give them food that you will die for other people. The whole thing is absurd and inhuman.

    I want to create a global government, a global government. I have created a country of global - Global Country of World Peace, where no one would harm anyone, where no one would do any wrong to anyone. The government will not
    need a military to protect itself because the principle is that any military is a big sinner. And the sin must come to every - to the whole population.

    KING: We'll take a break and come right back. The Maharishi's movement has its own political party called the Natural Law Party. It's in many, many countries. We'll be right back.